play bingo onlineWelcome to the devhub of online bingo where you can find all the best information regarding playing bingo on the internet. Did you know that online bingo is one of the fastest growing forms of entertainment in the UK, USA and Europe and it is easy to see why. If stop to think about traditional bingo and where it all started then you can get some sort of idea why online bingo is big today. People use to play bingo in the old style bingo halls or in town or village halls where the local community would meet up. In the UK, the bingo company at the time was Mecca and it was not uncommon for bingo halls to have hundreds of people playing this form of entertainment at once and when technology advanced so much in the late 1990s bingo became a national obession with bingo halls linking up across the country in order for players to take part in huge jackpot bingo games. It was not uncommon for winners to bag thousands of pounds every night.

The advancement of internet bingo
Gambling on the internet started to grow very quickly in the late 1990s and early 2001 where the shift from bingo halls was realized by sports betting and poker companies. These were the early pioneers of online bingo and many experts agree that the old style bingo companies were too slow in switching over to the online form of this pastime.

The most popular websites for bingo is 888 Ladies Bingo, Foxy  Bingo, William Hill Bingo and Bet365 bingo and as you can see these are sports betting websites or poker sites that have used their extensive knowledge of the online gambling industry to take up the lions share of the web based bingo market.

Because playing bingo on the internet has become so popular there have been many white label bingo websites from such places the daily newspapers or television companies who also see a potential online winner if they can attract enough new bingo members to sign up and that is why there are many bingo offers for new customers to take advantage of.

As well as normal bingo 75 and 80 ball bingo games there are also other games and attractions for bingo members to play in case they got bored. Some of the popular games include instant win games and slot games where players simply play on the basis of luck.

About online bingo

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